Strategic communication management

Involve and engage

To involve and to engage members of your community, i.e., including your stakeholders, is an important means of each congress organizing committee to reach its goals. It helps to be aware of what really resonates with your members and stakeholders, what their thoughts and opinions are to be able to understand their needs, to identify trends in order to anticipate and follow your strategy, to score higher satisfaction rates, and finally, to have better financial and content results.

Commonly, a lecture program of a congress is realized because of the input and dedication of a group of experts. But where is the voice of the rest of the community members, who individually have their own expertise? How can you make their individual input and opinions part of the contents of your congress program?

How do you motivate them to be more active, or to engage? And how do you involve them?
The following describes a few possibilities.

During the congress

Interactivity during the congress among congress delegates is one of the key success factors of an event. An interactive congress or meeting also ensures that the individual is heard – something that involve*u stands for: the voice of the individual should be heard in order to feel involved and to be acknowledged as an important community member. It means growth for the individual and therefore growth for the community.

During the event, the community is often actively involved in the program, making use of several tools on the spot. For instance, by choosing the most interesting presentation from a range of presentations, or by influencing the contents with a voting tool.

However, imagine how you can improve results even more if you get:

  • More active and involved members prior to the congress?
  • More insight into what really resonates with your community prior to the congress?
    Then maybe it might help to take a step back …

Prior to the congress

Strategic communication is a crucial part of organizing a congress, and is one of the most important tools to receive feedback from the community, that can form a basis for decision-making and change.
involve*u helps you with increasing the involvement, input and motivation of your community members.

Together with you, we will set-up a communication plan which will be in line with your organization’s aims and scope.
Communication and interaction with your community are far more effective if they take place before the event. They are the tools to receive feedback from your community, which can help your organization strategically.

involve*u can, together with you, set-up a lecture program of which you are certain it is carried by your own community since it is based on their feedback. After all, it is your own community that will inform you about what is really important to them: topics, key-note speakers, session set-ups, voting tools, other ways of participation, interactivity and exchange of knowledge and experience.