About our company

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

involve*u is mindful of the impact we are having on their communities beyond sales transactions. Therefore, involve*u and companies involve*u works with:


Voluntarily do everything in our power to reduce the environmental impact, especially when it comes to waste disposal and carbon footprints.


Make sure we are treating our employees fairly and that we are taking human rights seriously, e.g. equality on the basis of gender, religion, race and sexual preference and no child labor.


Find and implement the most efficient practices for minimizing wasted capital: improve efficiency or invest in new equipment.


From more than 25 years of experience in the MICE industry, gained at an international congress venue, various renown PCO’s (Professional Congress Organizers) in the Netherlands and abroad, as well as an European association, Jerry Gaspersz has grown to understand the importance of community members and their individual voices and opinions on the one hand, and the importance for an organization or association to be able to respond strategically, on the other.

Who is Jerry Gaspersz?
Jerry Gaspersz is an ambitious, result-driven peoples’ manager with dedication, commitment and coaching- and leadership skills (facilitator). Intended to stimulate and inspire to maximize individual performance. Someone who is open, honest, well-balanced, client- and quality
oriented, well-planned and organized.

Extensive experience with: project management, project planning, P&L, financial management and planning, event marketing (congress and related exhibition), strategic meeting management, customer relationship management, quality management, process management, new business, recruitment, staff retention.

Cooperation with Your Conference Support

Based on common philosophies and mutual life and work values, as well as the conviction that quality comes before quantity, involve*u started a cooperation with Your Conference Support. With our cooperation we combine our vast expertise and can therefore guarantee quality and continuity of services for congresses of 300 – 7000+ delegates, of medical-, technical- or governmental character.