Online- and hybrid meetings

Looking back at June 2019: 4 multiple-day international congresses in 4 weeks! Months of preparation, stretching stress levels and the number of working hours in a day during those preparatory months, but loved every minute of it! See the pics.

What a contrast to these last couple of months in 2020, where our congress industry was hit hard and saw congresses being cancelled and/or postponed. Working from home, meetings with colleagues and other industry professionals online, following industry webinars, some of us combining work with a busy household of children and partner, also at home, and therefore trying to cope with totally different forms of stress.

But we continue and the meetings industry goes online. There are ample opportunities through online meeting platforms, fit for small and big meetings. Whether you have only plenary sessions or also parallel sessions. There are various possibilities to engage your attendants during the sessions, keeping their attention and getting their involvement and input. Moreover, your sponsors and exhibitors will be able to get the exposure they bought into, and the attendance numbers of some of the meetings even surpassed the number of live events!

It’s clear: for as long as COVID-19 is around and there is no vaccine, we need to go online or have hybrid meetings. Based on your goals, involve*u is able to design an online meeting for you where all your stakeholders can win. And when your stakeholders win, you win.

If you are interested, give us a call, let’s have an online coffee and discuss possibilities. We are here for you!

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